A Small Glimpse of How Old Age Homes are changing to Better

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How Old Age Homes are change

In early ages, we have seen how vridhasram in Ahmedabad were in bad condition. Let it be in real or in movies, they have portrayed the NGO in a very bad way which gave us a wrong picture of the reality. Today if you pick up the best old age homes in Ahmedabad, there are so nicely built for the elderly with all the facilities and services. They are changing for the betterment of the old aged to cherish their second innings of life. These are now the modern old age homes of India, a heavenly place with the best accommodation, a park to walk and get fresh air, games to play, healthy discussions, funny talks and so on where they would not feel left out, unlike their actual homes.

The NGO working for needy people not only take care of the elderly but also provide services to kids who have been treated badly either due to poor family conditions or if it was a girl child. These NGO’s teach them how to become strong and survive in this world. Women empowerment is one of the services provided by the best NGO’s. Some NRI citizens live in these old age homes and they are given special services or provided special features like Video Conferencing, traditional meals, and supported living. They can stay connected to their children in foreign countries and feel better. All these make them feel a heavenly place as they get importance which they never received in their house by their children.

NGO in Ahmedabad makes sure that they have required medicines available and proper care is taken to every individual in that old age home. The staff is trained to be courteous and humble towards them and treat them as their parents. They like to sit and talk to the staff for long but one has to make sure that they do not go back to the horrifying picture of how they were abandoned by their children. One day picnics, various activities like entertainment, healing sessions, and some laughter can be held to keep them busy.

NGO that helps every underprivileged and old age people need help from people are many in the city that are changing into modern homes with a thought of making it even better than before in the way of living and services to offer.

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