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“It is obvious to make a living by what we get, but it is more obvious to make a life by what we give.”

Manav Kartavya would like to ask you, “Have you ever wondered what kartavya a Manav shall does?” Manav Kartavya has not only wondered, but explored it to experience it! Manav has the hands to perform his kartavya by helping others. Manav has the feet to perform his kartavya by hastening to poor and needy. And Manav has the head to perform his kartavya by considering everyone as inclusive to uplift an individual from his state of neediness to a state of self-reliant.

Founded in 2015, Manav Kartavya is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to helping disadvantaged beings. Each day represents a fresh opportunity to share our Vision of creating, ‘The Advantaged Society’; and to live our purpose of empowering the possibilities for economically weaker communities by supporting them with basic necessities such as education, food, health, shelter, etc. to empower them to take charge of their own future as our Mission.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We seek to build ‘The Advantaged Society’ by helping disadvantaged. We help disadvantaged by enhancing child education, eradicating poverty, by empowering women, by disseminating happiness in old-age home, and by providing protection for Gau-matas.

Our Vision

Our Vision

The Advantaged Society


Our Values
  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Personal service
  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness

Manav Kartavya strongly believes that a better, more sustainable world will take shape when economically weaker communities will be equipped with basic needs and proper resources to sustain their lives and to grow. With this, they will gain the power to help themselves, their families, and so to the entire communities. This is what will lead the transformation and will create ‘The Advantaged Society.’

With restoring a sense of self worth and confidence in economically weaker communities, Manav Kartavya is empowering possibilities for every disadvantaged being to reach their full potential. Manav Kartavya is enabling Child Education by improving access to basic educational needs as well as by facilitating education itself; Women Empowerment by supporting the growth from stagnation to escalation through a variety of means; Health by making vital healthcare accessible as well as by spreading awareness about essential preventive healthcare; senior citizens’ shelter and old age related facilities via Old Age Home; and a step forward to help Needy People especially where fundamental economic household security is a big challenge.

Manav Kartavya is not just a committed NGO for helping only underprivileged human beings, but also an NGO which focuses upon enhancing the protection of lives which are of course living beings but not human one. Yes! Manav Kartavya is also an equally committed NGO for the basic protection and enhancement of lives of Gaumatas via Gaushalas.

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Our Team

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