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"A child, when it begins to speak, learns what it is that it knows"

Manav Kartavya would like to acquaint you with the fact that 40% of India’s population is below the age of 18 years, which at 400 million is the world’s largest child population. This we consider as a pleasant one because we look at the huge possibility of uplifting the nation by creating ‘The Advantaged Society’ out of this. However, implicitly this reality is neutral since the pleasantness or unpleasantness of it is very much contextual.

YearNumber of Schools Imparting:Enrolment in (in millions):
Primary Education
(Classes I - V)
Upper Primary Education
(Classes VI - VIII)
Elementary Education
(Classes I - VIII)
Primary Education
(Classes I - V)
Upper Primary Education
(Classes VI - VIII)
Elementary Education
(Classes I - VIII)

Ground Realities

At Manav Kartavya, we believe it is our utmost kartavya to enhance the propensity of this action.That is why being an

NGO working for education in Ahmedabad

we are trying to highlight the significance of child education and spreading awareness on how it can affect the growth of an individual as well as the nation.

  • Of every 100 children who enroll, 70 drop out by the time they reach the secondary level.
  • Of every 100 children who drop out of school, 66 are girls.

Moreover, of course, number of enrolments is leapfrogging, but still only less than half of India’s children between the age group of 6 to 14 go to school.Although number of enrolments, number of schools, and number of teachers has increased remarkably during the past few years; but the quality of learning has either shown no improvement, or actually worsened. How? The proportion of all children in Class 5 who can read a Class 2 level text has declined by almost 15% since 2005. Similarly, the portion of student in Class 8 who can do divisions has declined by almost 23% during some period.This utterly paints a grim picture of the quality of education available in schools at the moment.

ngo for child education in ahmedabad

One prime reason for the lack of improvement in the quality of education is that there is just too much debate and too little action. At Manav Kartavya, we believe it is our utmost kartavya to enhance the propensity of this action.

Manav Kartavya has two priority areas where we focus our attention and resources.

  • Improving Access to Education
  • Improving Quality of Education
  • Manav Kartavya is especially concerned that the most disadvantaged or vulnerable children have access to education.

Through Manav Kartavya, we want make this happen by:

  • Enhancing environment which would be friendly and supportive of all children.
  • Supporting teacher’s professional development.
  • Focusing specially on teaching methodologies

Overall, at Manav Kartavya, major components of the ‘Improving Quality of Education’ are focusing on improving the quality of teaching and learning, using financial, material, and human resources.

ngo working for child education

Your support to Manav Kartavya provides children, teachers, their families or caregivers and communities with the infrastructure, training, tools, services and support they need for a better education. With your support we can at least provide:

  • Midday meals
  • Training for teachers, principals, and child care providers.
  • Arranging free basic medical checkup camps
  • Exposure visits and Celebrations at schools
  • Teaching and learning materials, including current textbooks, maps, globes, teaching manuals, writing supplies, chalkboards, and much more…
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