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Everyone wants to live a long healthy life, full of success and happiness, surrounded by the people you love. But it doesn’t seem realistic in today’s world.

Globalization has taken the millennial far away from their families. Those who stay in the same country either wants to live on their own or in nuclear families. This has led to a rising number of elderly being neglected by their kids. These old people, after living a life managing their responsibilities and duties, are left to fend off on their own.

The elderly population is growing enormously. The old age people facea lot of physical, psychological and social problems. They experience loneliness and depression as they live alone and lack closeness from family members.

Thousands of elderly people are isolated by the age of 75. With the advancing age, the old age people lose connection with their friends and find it difficult to make new networks.

Depression is a common problem in elderly people. It can affect thedifferent aspect of life which includes energy, appetite, sleep and relationships. Depression in ageing may lead to:

  • Sadness or feeling of despair
  • Loss of appetite or weight
  • Sleep disturbances & memory problems
  • Feeling burdensome or worthlessness

After working all their lives -managing their responsibilities, taking care of their family, it’s quite tragic for elderlies to live their last few years alone.Thus, an NGO for old age people has become very important for the rising elderly population. NGOprovides the home to those, who are unable to take care of themselves.

NGO can help provide old people with:

  • The companionship of like-minded people so that they don’t feel alone
  • Medical care and Nursing, to manage their various ailments
  • Hobbies to make their life worthwhile.

Studies have shown that older people can overcome with depression & loneliness through regular Exercise like morning walk or yoga, getting good Quality sleep and Healthy diet. Ngo is a sweet home for elderly people where they can enjoy life with the same age group of people. It gives them something to live for in the last days of their life.

An urban city like Ahmedabad has the need for NGO for old age people. With its good culture and values, elderlies will feel comfortable living in old age home in Ahmedabad.

Manav Kartavya, one of the best old age homes in Ahmedabad has been serving the elderlies diligently. We emphasize quality of life, self-reliance and independence. We support ageing people financially, medically, socially and help them in living the happy life.

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