5 Amazing Activities for Senior Citizens in Old Age Homes

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Amazing Activities for Senior Citizens

Gone are the days when old age homes carried a negative perspective. It was perceived as a place where old aged and abandoned people are left for the rest of their life; however, things have changed a long way over the years. According to the best old age homes in Ahmedabad, elderly people nowadays choose to move into an old age home rather than spending a lonely life. They get to spend a good time with people of the same age which makes their life comfortable and happy.

The top 10 NGOs in Ahmedabad say that they make sure that the elderly people are feeling comfortable and engaged at all times. When they are occupied in interesting activities, they feel happy and active. Here are some of the best activities for senior citizens in old age homes.

1. Yoga

Yoga has already become popular across the globe because of India’s initiative in recent years. Old age homes in Ahmedabad conduct yoga sessions from time to time. It is an amazing activity that helps old aged people rejuvenate their body and mind. It keeps them active and also gives them a chance to spend some quality time with others.

2. Badminton

Old age people love playing badminton. It is one of those games which can be played in limited spaces as well. It is competitive in nature and great way to boost fitness. Considered as one of the best games for elderly, badminton is facilitated by most of the old age homes in Ahmedabad.

3. Sudoko

Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise. That’s where Sudoku comes in really handy. Elderly people love this wonderful game as it helps them improve their focus. The best part is that most of the daily newspapers publish Sudoko with a number of difficulty levels. Old age homes have newspapers in different languages for the elderly and they have Sudoko published on a daily basis. Besides, smartphone apps also have Sudoku these days. These apps can be easily downloaded to play.

4. Craft work and exhibitions

Craft work is a great way to keep senior citizens occupied in creative activities. Those who are creative enough can choose to volunteer in craft exhibitions. They can also inspire others to participate in such activities.

5. Outdoor activities

It is a good idea to conduct outdoor activities such as fishing from time to time. It is a relaxing activity which doesn’t require much physical exertion. Make sure the trip is organized properly to ensure safety of the elderly.

Hope the post made for a good read. Do you have any such activities for the elderly in mind? If yes, feel free to share with us.

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